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angewandte strategie

child is an innovation firm that creates safe spaces for teams to solve complicated problems

In a world of endless emergencies the key skill of successful companies is not planning the future, but building the capabilities to thrive in the present

Spaces with the best tools

Product development thrives when the team is close to the users and their problem. That's why we put constant user-interaction, feedback loops and quick product iterations in the center.

Our approach is based on advanced facilitation. Interactive workshop formats with interdisciplinary teams replace inefficient meetings with little outcome. Framework thinking helps us to navigate complicated environments and align teams around simple to understand mental models.

Service Stack

Our product development approach is methodically structured along Market-Product-Channel-Model fit.

  • I have a challenge but don't know where to start

    —Cultural research
    Analyzes and describes what is important to develop products that people love.

    —Problems Worth Solving
    Defines and validates problem statements that get to the heart of what exactly needs to be solved.

    —Executive Off-sites
    Facilitates high impact off-sites with inspiring keynotes and interactive, effective workshops

  • I have a problem but no solution

    —Vision Screenplay
    Makes the future state of the organization tangible by giving a detailed overview of what it will look like, feel like and act like in 3 years.

    —Learning Sprints
    Verifies demand with a high-fidelity prototype tested with real users.

  • I have a solution but no product

    —Business Model Innovation
    Develops scenarios of possible economies and value-creation architectures.

    —Agile Product Design
    Iterates and optimizes the product (UX/UI and strategy) in the feedback loop of real user data.

    Creates a preliminary version of a product/service that can do enough to be served and 'loved'.

  • I have a product but no growth

    —Brand Design
    Creates the branding that manifests the identity of the organization and reflects its strategic objectives.

    Develops marketing strategies as an individualized script of coordinated measures.

    —Organizational Prototypes
    Implements experiences of new collaboration types in daily project work.

Cultural Research

Direct access to zeitgeist


3—6 weeks


Real insights and feedback from a trend-community


An understanding of and access to new target audiences

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Problems Worth Solving

Collaborative, high-intensity strategy process


3—5 weeks


Defined and validated problem statements


A clear problem space with customer-focus and recommended actions

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Executive Offsites

Individual workshop formats and keynotes for leadership teams


1—3 days


Leadership alignment and a strategy paper


Inspiring ambitious ideas and achieving commitment

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Vision Screenplay

Make the desired future state of your company visible


1—3 months


A tangible vision description that allows teams to take action today


A joint understanding of the vision and thereby being enabled to start acting

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Learning Sprints

5-day design process to develop products 10-times faster


5 days (+ prep & follow-up)


High fidelity prototype tested with 5 real users


An understanding of the desirability of a solution and design principles for the product development

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Buisness Model Innovation

Modelling all the necessary ways to create and capture the value of a product


3 weeks


Business case with scaling opportunities


Enabling strategic, KPI-based business decisions

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Integrated product design based on design sprint results


3—8 months


Iteratively developed first product version with love-potential


Live product that generates real customer and market insights

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Agile Product Design

Iterative development of the solution as partner


Project-dependent, usually aligned with PIs


Strategische Begleitung der Umsetzung


Real user-love focus, continuous alignment with strategic goals

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Brand Design

Holistic development of brands


3-6 months


New brand design from vision to logo and website


An new brand design that is anchored in strategy, customer-centric and state-of-the-art

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3-day workshop series to plan the product launch


2 weeks (preparation) + 2 months (execution)


A step by step instruction to achieve Product-Channel-Model-Fit


A rich marketing strategy with the important assumptions to execute quickly

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Organisational Prototypes

Prototypes of new ways of collaborating


3—8 months


Learnings about a new way of collaboration


Testing a new way of value creation and collaboration in the real context of your organization

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Creating a new identity for Yatta
Projekt ansehen
Developing an AI tool for facility management
A new sales-concept for Opel
Making DTM racing a game, that future drivers start at home
Creating a new show format for the smartphone with ProSiebenSat.1

Driven by a symbiosis of strategy and design

An increasingly dynamic world requires new ways to define strategy. Traditional strategy development often works in isolation and provides one-shot for the solution. The result is unused PowerPoint files piling on servers.

The key is to leverage the powers and principles of service design—customer-centricity, prototyping, working iteratively—to accurately inform, realistically test and effectively align on a new strategy.

Many businesses have experienced the strength of this approach in design thinking or design sprints but have not extended the approach to overall product strategy development.

we work with
ambitious partners

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not only the professional preparation and execution but also the dedication of the child team impressed us. [...] and it was a valuable contribution to our digital transformation.

Till Eichenauer—Head of Transformation & Innovation, WISAG Facility Service Holding

the collaboration with child is like the digital products we jointly develop: you love interacting with them often and long.

Björn Sorge—Vice President Experience Design, ProSiebenSat.1 Digital

we […] recommend the team to any potential client looking for fast-tracked, consumer-focused and creative product development beyond rather rigid corporate-structures.

Philipp Nastaly—Associate Director Group Strategy, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

the collaboration with child is defined by an extremely high degree of professionality and excellent project management.

Karl-Heinz Dietrich—Senior Executive Vice President Retail + Properties, Fraport AG


Get to know child

We want to get to know you and the challenges of your organization.
Therefore, we developed an exciting, roughly one hour long workshop format in which we can dive into the topic you're thinking about and thereby present us and our way of working.

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free playground session

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+49 69 2100 8800

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